Sunday, 30 October 2011

[Park Jae Hyun]

Ulzzang: Park Jae Hyun
For: Tomonari
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+31 pics


Ulzzang: Ren
For: Tomonari
+112 pics


Ulzzang: JW
For: Showganzi
Archieve: 92 pics; 37MB

Saturday, 29 October 2011

[Ho Jun Yeon]

Ulzzang: Ho Jun Yeon
For: Ganzinara 
Archieve: 151 pics; 69MB


Ulzzang: K
For: Tomonari
Archieve: 177 pics; 54MB


Nobody knows his name. Nobody has seen his face. Eyes are hidden behind the fringe of  brown curly hair *o* I guess K's key conception is mystery. And there is the reason I like him
Ulzzang: K
For: Tomonari
Archieve: 176 pics; 46MB

Monday, 9 May 2011


I need his full name too ^^ Actually, Kim Shi Hyeong is the only showganzi's model I know.
Model: SK
For: Showganzi

Archieve: 74 pics, 23MB 


Does anybody know his name?
Ulzzang: JW
For: Showganzi

Archieve: 262 pics; 96MB 

[Park Ji Ho]

Ulzzang: Park Ji Ho
For: Daita

Archieve: 265 pics, 60MB